14, 19, 20 November: Pub quiz – The One with All the Friends Trivia – SOLD OUT

This event is fully booked.

Could this BE any better? We’ll be there for you with the ultimate Friends quiz night on Wednesday (huh? what day) 14 November. Gather all your Friends, brush up on your knowledge and we’ll see you there. We might even order a Joey special for you.

Rules help control the fun:

  •  Max. 6 participants per team (Janice and Gunther can’t join).
  • Free entry (you won’t have to borrow money from Chandler).
  • No phones on the table (once a cheater, always a cheater).
  • The winning team will receive something priceless (not too shabby).
  • The losing team will receive a flarlarlar.
  • The quiz will be conducted in both Dutch and English!
  • Facebook event here.