22 December: Lord of the Rings marathon

Yes, it’s true. We’re screening all three LORD OF THE RINGS films in one sitting. Extended editions, of course. Please come and spend 810 minutes in the Lounge with us, it will be epic.

  • Tickets for this marathon cost €14,50 (€7,50 for Cineville members) and are available here.
  • No tickets are available for the individual movies, only for the whole marathon.
  • There are 30 minute breaks in between the movies.
  • You are totally welcome to bring or order in food (first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, taters, fresh fish – whatever you like).
  • We’ll stock up on drinks and snacks.
  • Make yourself comfortable on our couches and lounge chairs.
  • Facebook event here – tell your friends.

For Frodo!